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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

If the American Bishops Were Doing Their Job, I Would Not Have to Blog

This takes time and thought, but please watch the whole thing. This is about Shadow Parties. Pay attention to language on politics. Facts, not fiction.

Learn the truth behind the fake Catholics who have helped an atheist billionaire dominate the Democratic party

Was important in 2010, and is more important now...For those who are not Americans, watch this anyway, as the same thing is probably happening in your country as well. And how America goes, the West goes...

A few reasons why you must watch this; Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, (not Catholic), chairman Fred Rotandaro in 2010 on the Huffington Post online stated that "gay sex comes from God", "I have never seen a rational reason why a woman should not be a women priest", and a stark statement against the Church's stand against contraception.

You will notice the George Soros Network segment. Our bishops should be paying attention to this information and stop holding hands with these many influential people. Saul Alinsky groups are mentioned. Pay attention to the graphs.

I am also concerned with the number of former USCCB employers who worked full-time for the Obama campaign. Catholics United, (not Catholic), is another group with which we must be concerned. The Planned Parenthood Interfaith Breakfast mystifies me--one of the speakers there is connected to the leftist, anti-Catholic groups outlined here.

54% of Catholics voted for Obama in 2008. The last 20 minutes are essential viewing. The Pope is highlighted at the end.

"The Catholic Bishops need to put an end to this and put an end to this now," stated Voris.

You must watch the whole thing, all the way to the last few minutes. Watch, pray, reflect, act.

Like Voris states about his own media work, I say, if the Bishops were doing their job, I would not have to blog. "Souls are at stake."


New Sister said...

Indeed, wouldn't it be nice to read Etheldredasplace and yawn, "got anything new to say, Supertradmum?" :-p But that does not happen. blogs have been indispensible to my faith formation and evangelization.

New Sister said...

M. Voris' organization has given the bishops what they need on a silver platter--made it easy for them. But I won't hold my breath... their miters are buried in the shifting sands of public opinion and PC-ness, and their thinking is still muddled by wayward formation of the 1970s that effeminized the priesthood as it did the Liturgy.

If Bishops could find the courage to take even one step toward denouncing these groups, they would find a most willing army of laymen backing them up, ready to finish the job. Imagine what a clearly worded statement from the USCCB against these groups' use of the term "Catholic" [as Detroit diocese was eager to enact against RealCatholicTv] could do! It would readily tip the scales away from the Party of Death. Heaven help us, with shepherds willing to clear chanceries of these liberal wolves cloaked in "social justice" propaganda and to lead their flock!
I fear our country may be gone before this happens.

Supertradmum said...

NewSister, your comment is elegantly worded and strong. Maybe you should take over my blog for three months!

I fear things have gone too far as well. Pray and stay in the state of grace. Thanks for reading and all you have done for me in support. You are a real SISTER

Lorraine said...

Unfortunately, we only have dial-up internet service. and I cannot view videos or listen to audios. Please believe me when I say that I feel greatly deprived. I have heard so much about Michael Voris but have never (would you believe it?) seen one of his videos!!

Nonetheless, it is true - if Bishops were doing their job, much would be quite different.

I remember when the Church was a haven and a refuge from "the world". That is no longer so.

God have mercy on us all! Our sins have brought this upon us.

New Sister said...

No way, STM; you're irreplacable. Live stream your blog through prayer once in the convent. I always thought, since first reading you on, that you'd make a great mother superior! :oD

Supertradmum said...

New Sister, do not ever, ever wish anything like that on me...I just want to be quiet and ordinary and very obedient. MS's have too many responsibilities and for souls as well.

Thankfully, I am too old for such a thing to happen and good thing, too.