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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Yet, another reminder on infallibility and Quo Vadis, Petrus?

Not everything the Pope says or does is infallible  folks. I know even highly educated people who are confused on this one. Remember Assisi 1986?

He, the Pope, can make mistakes. Big ones. He cannot teach false doctrine from the Chair of Peter. But, he can do symbolic actions which cause confusion. Not all popes are saints when elected, but hopefully, become one in the process of being pope......


Lynda said...

Many orthodox Catholic bloggers have shocked me by their sudden willingness to close down reason on the issue of Popes breaching the laws of the Church or simply doing ad things. The banning of rational discussion is very disturbing and very un-Catholic.

Supertradmum said...

We need to discuss these issues. We are adults and our obedience to the Pope is under those doctrines defined from the Chair of Peter.

If we are stupid, we can be led astray by anyone.

Respectful discussion is not only a right, but a necessity. I am sure the Scholastic greats had interesting discussions on the clergy and hierarchy.

We are living in an odd age of the cult of personality and the idea that we cannot discuss if we are being "nice".

Love is not necessarily silence.

It can be, but not always.

And, remember, in the law, silence is consent.

nanetteclaret said...

St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us - that we may know and speak the Truth.